All of our classes use the ingredients of art for our students to explore their own creativity - whether this is your first art class or you are a returning student. 
Lessons are structured, demonstrative  with a good balance between exercises and projects.  We reference art history and art styles in our classes and use them as inspiration for our lessons using associated themes, styles, media and techniques.

This is one of the first skills presented to students.  

Drawing is difficult but it is a skill that can be learned. .

There is a focus on showing students how to make observations for lines, shapes and forms to help them really see what they are drawing. Learning how to see parts of a subject rather than the whole teaches the student to draw what they see rather than what they think they see.

To be able to draw is a integral part of making art. The more you practice drawing from observation the better the drawing will be


Our lessons are developed with the interests and abilities of our students in mind. 

We use the works of artists to drive some of our projects, incorporating art history and artist studies into our lessons.

We also show our students that inspiration is all around us, in the world that we see, including imaginary worlds of our own and those of others.

In demonsrating our sources of inspiration we are equipping our students to find their own artistic voice and continue their journey in art.

*In all classes supplies and a sketchbook are provided
 *All classes have a maximum of FIVE students
* 26 weeks of classes over two semesters

For us, part of the art experience also involves being able to talk about not just their own art but also the art created by others - in the studio, public art or in galleries. Looking at and talking about art benefits our  students in many ways.

This skill strengthens their ability to think critically, observe subtleties and interpret the world around them.

Our students practice this skill in the studio and the fruits of their labours can be seen at our annual art show.  Here each student presents their work and is able to discuss the methods and choices they made with the gallery visitors.  


Funky Artsmiths likes to give their students as many different experiences as possible.  This means that we like to use all sorts of materials in art making. This experience helps our students make informed decisions about their own art practice.

It also challenges them to use or try things they might not have done on their own.  It can expand their perspective and gives them a broader base on which reference when they create.

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