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It is important to recognize a young artists achievements, growth and learning throughout the fall and winter class season. The student art show is a celebration of these young artists, giving them a space within the art community to be recognized, and a chance for them to share their knowledge and understanding of art processes and skills.
Each year students come away from the art show lifted by the community. It is such a privilege to give these artists a platform and see their confidence grow and glow.

A Brief History of the Student Art Show









The first Funky Artsmiths Student Art Show! There were ten students, in a little gallery on Eighth Street.

We had already outgrown the gallery and moved to a new venue at Wildwood Mennonite Church with more students. 

The first student art show as Karen flew as a Funky Artsmith with now 35 students 

No art show this year 

This year we had an online art show. The video is still out there somewhere.

The art show returns - with 80 students and a full day of sharing and celebrating. 

A new venue for 2023, to go with the move to a new art studio and a whopping 180 students!

2024 is the tenth birthday for Funky Artsmiths and this is our 8th art show celebrating 210 students and their work at Lakeview Church

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