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​I arrived in Saskatoon in 2004 with my husband and two young children. This city has felt like home right from the very minute we drove in passed what is now Blairmore and Kensington. I am always amazed by the friendliness of this beautiful city where I knew absolutely no one and have been fortunate enough to make so many friends, and explore the possibilities for my creative endeavours.

My father and uncle were both amazing artists and that was a tough one to live up to. I would sit in high school art classes and compare myself to the other students. I gave up. Packed away the art supplies and really never spoke of art again for many many years.

Artist with Paintbrushes

These early experiences have shaped the art instructor I am today. There is beauty in every single artwork and my job is to empathize with and encourage the student to reach their full artistic potential. 


Before starting Funky Artsmiths* I volunteered in the local school providing art classes for students in grades K- 8 and made it my mission to empower the teachers in learning techniques and ideas too - in the hopes that when I am no longer in their classroom they can confidently teach art themselves.

In my spare time I love to paint with watercolour and spend time reading.  I enjoy learning and continuing to educating myself, taking art classes at the university, online and in the community in order to be the best artist and teacher I can.

It is my greatest privilege to get to know students, their families and the larger community through the world of art and I look forward to many more art adventures in the future.


Funky Artsmiths

In 2014,the birth of Funky Artsmiths there were two of us - Karen & Katharine. Apparently we looked alike, and sounded alike even though one of us was Canadian by birth and the other was a recent citizen with a British accent. We met when our own children were students in elementary school. We quickly realized a shared a love of art, completely contrasting tastes in music and a fondness for drinking tea, their favourite times are those spent creating art whilst drinking more tea!
Together we founded  Funky Artsmiths working side by side, sharing that love of art with students of all ages. 

Katharine retired from the studio and her teaching career in 2018 and now lives in Kentucky, USA with her husband.

Since two became one, I have been working as The Funky Artsmith, because it's such a great name and there are so many wonderful memories of the fun we had together.