Art Instruction 


Making art is a complex process, and although it takes a genius to create a masterpiece, all artists have the ability to create wonderful pieces.

The Funky Artsmith provides instruction for students giving them with the best tools for getting inspired and creating art. Students are encouraged to develop their art skills in a fun learning environment.

Find out more information and join us today.

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Welcome to my studio! 

Funky Artsmiths began as a home based art instruction studio in 2014.

Since that time, classes have become increasingly popular for Saskatoon famlies looking for space for students of all ages to discover the joy making art brings to us all.



A wide variety of classes fitting all skill levels and offering many mediums for the ultimate instructional experience. 

Learn more about each class and get in touch today with any questions.




The Funky Artsmith takes pride in every single student she works with.

Everyone is capable of creating beautiful works of art, and I love every chance  to show them off. View all of our projects to see the outstanding art being created today. One of your pieces of art could be posted in our portfolio, too! Get in touch to see how.



We were looking for a small art studio where our daughter could work on her various skills; specifically a studio that would allow her to design with her individual creativity.

We found this with Karen at Funky Artsmith! She is an amazing instructor, passionate about art, teaches her students new techniques and pushes them to just be who they are, allowing them the freedom to create, while being there to support them the whole way. We found the perfect fit for our daughter with Karen!