summer camp 2021

I am not planning summer camps for this year. I made this  decision early in spring and while things are still so uncertain with regards to the pandemic I am taking a break and hoping we will be back to normal for next summer.

I can add your email address to the newsletter subscriber list so that you will be notified when new camps and classes are added to the schedule.



Indoor camps students only need to bring a water bottle along with lunch and snacks for the day.

Summer camp is outside! 

students should also bring sunscreen and mosquito repellent. They will also need to bring swimwear, a towel and a flotation device if they need it.


Students must be aged 6 & older OR, have completed Kindergarten in the current school year.

Summer Art Workshop (Week Three)

Students must have completed Grade 7 before camp begins


This is an art camp. Students will be outside, on a covered deck. Students should dress for the weather and art!

Art projects are designed to inform, delight and entertain all students no matter their skill level or age.

Art is the main theme for camps and students work on their projects throughout the day.


A field trip is organized for the students to experience public art in and around the city.

At the end of each day, weather permitting and with parent permission students are able to swim in the family pool.

FIELD TRIPS (summer camps)

We like to take our students on a field trip on one of the camp days. We have, in the past visited art galleries, public art at the

U of S and downtown.

We encourage our students to sketch the art and architecture they see and discuss the art among themselves and with gallery staff.


Camp Day


Morning meeting where we discuss the outline for the day, followed by sketchbook activities and warm up exercises to get the creative juices flowing.

I strive to give camp students experiences with as many different art media as time allows; pastels, watercolour and a 3D project for example.

There is typically one large project that takes the majority of the week to complete as well as smaller sized projects that take from one to three sessions to complete. 

Camp days tend to follow a regular, yet flexible schedule. The weather, planned activities and students needs are taken into account.


8:00am - Extended hour students begin to arrive

9:00am - Camp day begins:

9:30am - Art Activities

10:30am - Recess about 15minutes

10:45am Art Activities

12:00 Lunch Hour

1:00pm - Art Activities

3:00pm - Pool time

4:00pm Regular campers go home

4:30pm Extended hours camper leave

SWIMMING (summer camps)

One of our campers favourite parts of the day is swim time!

Sometime after 3pm every day it's pool time - once they've cleaned up their workspace, drank some water and applied sunscreen of course!

When it's really hot we often allow campers an extra dip over the noon hour.