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CLASS DATES FOR 2021-2022:

Classes Begin: September 23rd

Last Class of 2021: December 9th

First Class of 2022: January 13th

Last Class/Art Show Week: March 31st

No Classes

February Break Week


December 2nd

6:00pm - Zentangling is happening. Students are required to be conscious of the line they are making and also to extend their pattern beyond the basic.

Sketchbook Assignment: As for last week, collect those Zentangle patterns and ideas! Being prepared is halfway to having the job done.


7:30pm The students continue to work on their acrylic paintings. We had some discussions about the next project. I'll be preparing something to challenge them, that's for sure.


November 25th

6:00pm - The students have a lovely drawing of their chosen animal and we had a little time to start working on the background.

Sketchbook Assignment: Zentangles! Search zentangles and record them in your sketchbook. We're going to need a lot of zentangling patterns.


7:30pm - paintings inspired by Kehinde Wiley continue. There really is a lot of work going on and the students are problem solving and looking for ways in which to amp up their skills.

Sketchbook Assignment: Look at the work of (Peter Paul) Reubens, Carravaggio, Gentileschi and Dali.


November 18th

6:00pm - Tonight we began on the animal project. As students move to more independent drawing from observation we are working on those skills that will help them render images. We will be working on the practice of "good looking" using blind contour and continuous line drawings as an approach to realism.

Sketchbook Assignment: They each have a sheet of paper on which to practice their chosen animal. I need to message you the photos!


7:30pm - Acrylic paintings now have backgrounds almost complete. The backgrounds are more detailed. The main subject will hopefully be looser and work up a little more quickly.


November 11th

6:00pm Class - This evening your student had a little fun with some tracing paper, creating a mirror image of their names. Good practice for things to come!

Sketchbook practice this week: The students went have some zentangle drawing guides to try out over the week, which will come in handy for the upcoming project.


7:30pm Class - The Kehinde Wiley inspired backgrounds progress, they have a lot going on with a very busy background as well as a portrait happening.


November 5th

6:00pm Class - Monster circles are pretty much done - yay! Next week we'll start something new, with animals.

Sketchbook practice this week: Three blind contours of their chosen animal.

Morgan - Leopard, Raff - Platypus, Gracie - Panda, Francesca


7:30pm class - Paintings are coming along well! This group are such a great bunch, they work really well together, I love listening to them chatter together.

October 14th

6:00pm Class - A great class tonight! The speed required for a blind contour drawing is a tricky concept, but we had a hare & turtle race this evening - the winner being the slowest drawing turtle!

Sketchbook practice this week: They have a couple of things to think about this week!

Firstly, they are to do some blind contour drawing at home. They get to choose the subject matter.

Secondly, if they would like to choose their own bird (rather than from my collection of photo references) they should look for a photo and bring it to class either printed, (at least half of a printer paper size) or bring on an iPad. If neither of these are available, then please send to me and I can do the printing or provide an iPad.

Lastly, and this is inspired by our weekly conversations - I challenged them to read 100 pages this week 😊


7:30pm class - this group are starting a painting, they have all chosen to paint with acrylic, the subject is whatever they like, but they have to take inspiration from the artist Kehinde Wiley and also should be able to talk about juxtaposition in their finished artwork.

Sketchbook this week: each student is working on a pattern for the background and should have one drawn to the size of their sketchbook page for next week.

They are also to do blind contours, continuous line drawings and sketches of their subject in order to render it on canvas next week.


September 30th

Both classes had a go at the two handed drawing warm up, which is a great exercise for engaging the right side of the brain. Yes, they really can write their name backwards.

We worked on continuous line drawing again this evening and the students produced some beautiful work. The younger students in the 6:00pm class are trying out their realism drawing skills, spending lots of time looking at the reference whilst simultaneously drawing with a continuous line. Older students in the 7:30pm class were drawing blind contours, first of animals and then with portraits. All of these line drawings are beautiful and I will be uploading them to Artsonia in the next couple of days.

Sketchbook Assignments

6:00pm class - Have two options, both are continuous line drawings:

#1: Draw two things that are alive and have legs as a continuous line drawings OR

#2: (insert a little chuckle here) draw your/their room and all its contents as a continuous line drawing.

I think I know which one they will choose 😆

7:30pm class - Photo reference (s) for portraits. I strongly recommended they look for persons who's faces have character, not smooth blown out model photos and I also suggested they look for photos of POC. There is also a post ⬇️⬇️⬇️ about photo references and my thoughts and suggestions.

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