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Updated: Dec 2, 2021


CLASS DATES FOR 2021-2022:

Classes Begin: September 18th

Last Class of 2021: December 11th

First Class of 2022: January 15th

Last Class/Art Show Week: April 2nd

No Classes

Friday October 9th

February Break Week


November 27th

10:00am - at the end of class we had a quick critique, it's such a positive and affirming way for the students to share their thoughts and hear great things about their work from their peers.

3:30 - We were at the monster circles this day, everyone had a great recollection of all painting techniques we talked about the last time we worked on these.

November 20th

10:00am - Landscapes are a go! Main shapes are drawn on the canvas and an underpainting has been applied.


11:45am - Teo has completed the painting of a beard and side burns!

Sketchbook Assignment: Thinking of van Gogh and the work he created inspired by Japanese art, look at the work of Hokusai, and create a drawing inspired by his art.


1:00 - J & Z are working on different projects, J is using colour pencil on a mandala, Z is working on a shark infested ocean

Sketchbook Assignment: J is to sort her home colour pencils and create a colour wheel, paying attention to the nuance of each colour. Z is to look for images of different sharks and draw them in her sketchbook.


2:15 - Jocelyn worked her wet in wet background today, which takes skill and patience

Sketchbook Assignment: Start sketching up the next project.


3:30pm - We did something a little different today, creating a mirror image and using a new art media - just arrived in the art studio to add some fun colour!

Sketchbook Assignment: Draw something that has, is or makes bubbles.


4:45 - Vikas & Siddhi - a new drawing project for V, who chose and elephant and S is working on her ocean, adding colour to the fish with watercolour crayons.

Sketchbook Assignment: V is going to work on blind and continuous contour drawings of the elephant.


November 13th

10:00am - confession, I finally did it this week and thought we were on the old start time of 10:30😂. The girls have all finished the pen and ink drawings and I will have them up on Artsonia soon. They have now switched to preparing for a painting.

Sketchbook - I have suggested they each do a colour sketch in preparedness for the next class.

3:30pm Class Today we had a little diversion from the planned class and got creative drawing flowers in a vase.

Sketchbook - Have fun with Roll-A-Dice!

November 6th

10:00am Class- After last weeks field trip, the girls are back at it with the pen and ink, most of them are now beginning to tweak values and working toward completion.

Sketchbook this week - Popular vote is for painting on canvas and they are looking for images of landscapes (inspired by Men Who Paint) .


3:30pm Class - Painting the Monster Mash Up began today. With a full tutorial on correct use for watercolour paints and it's applications.

Sketchbook this week - Draw your house, front and back and the house across the street.


October 16th

11:45am - Modigliani Portrait continues. It really is quite lovely. Today Teo painted eyes and the glasses frames on one parent.

Sketchbook this week - After talking about the Imagine Van Gogh exhibit briefly today I have asked this student to look at van Gogh's painting Two Crabs, looking at the colours and paint applications and try using colour media at home (such as crayon or colour pencil) to create the layers of colour.


1:00pm - J & Z did lots of drawing exercises today in preparation for their first project.

Sketchbook this week - to continue with the work in studio, find some old magazine photos (hopefully) and try tracing them very slowly. This is a great mindfulness exercise and quite calming


2:25pm - Jocelyn also did some blind contour drawing today, in her field of interest, hands. After the blind contours were drawn she worked to add values to the drawings to give them form.

Sketchbook this week - find a reference for bones of the hands and have a go at drawing this. It's really good to have an idea of what structures are under the skin. Also draw hands! We'll ride this interest and get in lots of practice.


3:30pm Class - this fun group of artists tried out some blind contour drawings today. They are in their sketchbooks - check them out. We also started a new project, with an owl,

Sketchbook this week - taking inspiration from a students t-shirt, they are all to look for patterns that we can use next week


4:45 pm - V & S completed their watercolour cityscapes and we are now going to take some little steps toward drawing skills and realism.


October 2nd

10:30am - Everyone remembered their reference photos this morning and students spent time working with pen and ink, getting to know the medium before starting work on a drawing. They then moved onto some "good looking" and getting to know their subjects with blind contour drawings. Blind contour works best when the eye and the hand slow down to take in all the information from the subject. Students were tasked with making a blind contour drawing and taking longer than 5 minutes.

All students have a note in their sketchbooks with class dates - let me know if they remember this 😉

Sketchbook Assignment: A blind contour drawing a day until I see them again. Their instructions are to look for interesting subjects that have lots of information to translate - and they should spend between 5 & 10 minutes on each one (daily).


3:30pm: This afternoon, we worked on drawing skills again, with two students in studio and two on Zoom. Students completed one continuous line drawing, with lots of deep focus and good looking skills.

Sketchbook Assignment: Make 6 good looking, continuous line drawings they should take their time, practice "good looking" first and draw slowly looking at their image more than they look at the paper. They are great draw-ers!

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