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November 16th

Homeschool, 10:30 - Fall forest paintings are nearing completion, and they're all looking forward to the final reveal with the tape off.

Sketchbook Assignment - Sourcing photos for the next project. They should either put the photos on an iPad and bring that or print the photos. If neither of these options are available, please send the photos to me and I will put them on a device here.

Homeschool, 1:00 - Today the forest trees gained their leaves and some more foliage besides.

Sketchbook Assignment - Look at Amedeo Modigliani portraits and draw a family member in this style.

4:30pm Class - This evening paint brushing skills received a new technique as they added grasses to the fall forest.

Sketchbook Assignment -

6:00pm Class - The trees have leaves and grass, students are very close to completion.

Sketchbook Assignment -

7:30pm Class - Glass painting. Everyone has workable drawings that are now transferred to glass and some have started painting.

November 8th

Homeschool, 10:30 - The Fall Forest painting this week - the birch trees had shadows added and then some grasses. Lots of practice this week for paintbrush skills, adjusting the pressure and the application to create different effects.

This group also worked together to create a "wish-list" of media or subjects they would like to work on in the studio.

Sketchbook Assignment - Draw three different landscapes from imagination or a photo.

Homeschool, 1:00 - This afternoon mushrooms were rendered in oil pastel, creating values to create form. We also managed to paint in the background sky.

Sketchbook Assignment - Draw three different landscapes from imagination or a photo.

4:30pm - This week we had just two students in class, so rather than continue with the project we worked on a "bonus" project and the girls tested out some new art supplies that just arrived.

Sketchbook Assignment - Create some more symmetrical words in their sketchbooks! They can also use washable markers in the same way that we used the new watercolour crayons in the studio,

6:00pm This evening students were mixing a dark (almost black) green and applied the watercolour paint with a sponge to create texture in their forests. Everyone was pretty excited to remove the tape and see the birch trees shining brightly.

Sketchbook Assignment - Draw your house from the front and the back and a house across the street. If you do not have a house across the street, maybe another house close by - or Google 😉

7:30pm - Value drawings are done! I have a growing pile of work to photograph and add to Artsonia - coming soon! Lots of thought and discussion about choosing images suitable for the glass painting project they all want to do.

November 1st

So I may have been a little MIA, but I do want to keep this going, please let me know if you find this helpful or you would like more information added.

Homeschool, 10:30 - Ryan Reese and Piper are working on a fall forest painting and lots of leaves were painted using a natural sponge. The tape is off and we are about to start paining the birch trees.

Happy birthday to both Ryan and Reese this week!

Sketchbook Assignment - choose a piece of Halloween candy, open it take a bite or shovel out some of the candy from the wrapper and then draw it.

Homeschool, 1:00 The continuous line drawings of birds are completed and a new project has begun. Inspired by the fall forests of the earlier class these guys wanted to do something similar - but we have changed it up a little.

Sketchbook Assignment - choose a piece of Halloween candy, open it take a bite or shovel out some of the candy from the wrapper and then draw it.

4:30pm - Lots of fall forest painting is happening in the studio this week. This class painted the background and made choices for their evening sky colour and best of all, used some glitter watercolour!

Sketchbook Assignment - choose a piece of Halloween candy, open it take a bite or shovel out some of the candy from the wrapper and then draw it.

6:00pm More fall forests, although everyone seems to be painting a fall forest each group has a unique twist to the theme. This group painted a gradated evening sky, but also got to use some glitter too - because, why not?

Sketchbook Assignment - choose a piece of Halloween candy, open it take a bite or shovel out some of the candy from the wrapper and then draw it.

7:30pm - Many of the students are close to finishing their value piece and are being encouraged to look very closely at their work and correct or add more values. I have to say, all of these students have just created what I think is there best work to date - and I am really looking forward to seeing what they achieve this year.

Sketchbook Assignment - time to start looking for new reference photos! I have asked that they find three, that are different so that we can have conversations and choose the best fit.

I talked at length about wanting to make an artwork of something that already exists - lets say a Disney or anime character. These are already art pieces, created by an artist and belong to them. If we were to render them in effect that is stealing another artists work. Which is why when looking for photo references I suggest using Pixabay or other royalty free sites rather than Google.

October 19th

Homeschool, 10:30 -

Sketchbook Assignment - Four different trees, paying particular attention to the trunks and the branches.

Homeschool, 1:00

Sketchbook Assignment - These students can keep going with the project we started today, it would be an excellent quiet time task 😉

4:30pm -

Sketchbook Assignment - draw me something in or from the forest


Sketchbook Assignment - this group are to think outside the box, and draw some rabbit burrows below ground, showing me what's going on underground. It can be real or fictional!


Sketchbook Assignment - they scooted before I gave them anything - feel free to wind them up and tell them they have a really important assignment this week 😂

(No Class Monday October 11th)

October 4th

Homeschool, 10:30 - This morning we looked at dragons from Wings of Fire (so popular with lots of students) and tried some blind contour and also continuous contour line drawings.

Sketchbook Assignment - Design a dragon! Tsunami seems to be inspired by the Hokusai print "Great Wave off Kanagawa" . Students are to look at either "The Scream" by Edvard Munch or "A Starry Night" by Vincent Van Gogh and create a dragon inspired by one of these paintings.

Homeschool, 1:00 - Today we began an artwork using new skills in blind and continuous line contour drawings creating a drawing of birds on a branch (or a wire).

Sketchbook Assignment - A blind contour drawing, that should last at least five minutes, every day. Nice quiet time activity Mum 😉

4:30pm - Crazy hair paintings are complete! Students were working on skills such as managing watercolour paint, planning the use of the paint and their paint brushing skills - as well as patience, waiting for colours to dry before painting next to them.

Sketchbook Assignment - At the end of the class students practised a blind contour drawing. They are to have a go at continuous line drawings in their sketchbooks. When their pencil goes down, they cannot lift it up again until the drawing is complete. I think I asked for five drawings?

6:00pm - this group of students worked on blind contour drawing, which is a tricky concept, especially for perfectionists, when they cannot look down at the paper they are drawing on 😳. They are now working on a continuous line drawing of an owl that they will finish up when we are next together.

Sketchbook Assignment - Some blind contour drawings, from around their home. The are to choose objects that have interesting shapes and lines.

7:30pm - Drawings are complete and the students will begin work on adding value next time we are together. They also got to test out dip pen and ink as a possible medium for their value drawing. No ink was spilled !

Sketchbook Assignment - design your dragon! They are to look at the following paintings and choose one that will inspire their dragon design, from what it might be called, to the colour scheme and maybe even the shapes of horns or scales:

The Kiss - Gustav Klimt

Wheatfields with Cypresses - Vincent van Gogh

"POP" - Roy Lichtenstein

Lollipop Tree - Wayne Thiebaud

September 27th

Most classes are working on drawing skills, investing the characteristics of line, experimenting with expression through line work and some continuous line drawings.

Most students on Monday "warmed up" their eye balls and engaged their right brain with some two handed drawing work. It's great fun!

Sketchbook practice this week:

10:30AM - two handed drawing, as a mirror image.

1:00PM -

4:30PM - I have given this group something really abstract to think about - drawing their favourite song! I am interested to see what they come up with to express either the lyrics as they hear them, or how the music makes them feel, they can even move a drawing tool to the rhythm of the music.

6:00PM - More two handed drawing practice, they are even able to mirror image writing their name - can you?

7:30PM - Everyone remembered a photo reference, thanks for helping remind them and allowing them to bring a device to class. This evening the group did lots of good looking exercises as a prelude to starting their artwork. They discovered blind contour and practised drawing slowly with some lovely results. Each student now has a rough sketch to which they are planning out the values for their artwork. In class they added the darkest value and then moved onto the second lightest. They will be adding the remaining values each in turn for this weeks sketchbook assignment.

Mirror Image

Using both hands at the same time, the non dominant hand always gives lovely line work.

Continuous Line

Harder than anyone thinks, to keep the drawing tool on the paper and no lifting. This student used that continuous line to also add value.

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