• Karen Welch-Smith

Student Portfolios

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Each student has a portfolio here at the studio into which all completed artworks are placed. So that they can still share their accomplishments, each artwork is photographed and uploaded to an online art museum, Artsonia

Each student will have their own page, which is only viewable when permission is given by the parent or guardian. New students have now been added to the Funky Artsmiths gallery and those parents will have received an email to log in and set up the student account.

I like Artsonia as it enables students and families to share their artwork with friends and family far and wide, permission can be given for those loved ones to leave comments for the artist too.

Artsonia also has a gift shop. You can order gifts with your students artwork printed on them. As a private business, I do not like to profit from the fundraising returns. Instead I pass this on to a Saskatchewan organization that supports student involvements in the arts by way of sponsorships for those who may not be able to take part without this help.

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