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Classes for Kindergarten and Beyond

  • Students are introduced to various media and techniques during our time together. Each new project uses different media and technique - variety is the spice of life!
  • Students are most successful when skills are scaffolded. Younger students work as a group while building skills and learning the building blocks for art; drawing skills, understanding the elements of art and media use so that as they progress they are able to apply these skills independently and make their own art choices.
  • Around Grade 4 students are introduced to observation skills, strengthening and training their eye to see with some “good looking”. As they progress through higher grades they will be drawing from life and will need these scaffolded skills in order to be confident and successful.
  • We firmly believe in sharing with students of all levels projects that incorporate many different types of media and techniques.  Spending 22 weeks together just drawing is not engaging or fun for anyone. When working in realism, there is a need for some level of accuracy, but perfection is not enforced or realistic. Instead students are encouraged to go with the marks they make, instead of re-starting or the endless spiral of drawing and erasing.  This art journey is supposed to be engaging and fun!
Class Schedule 2022_23


Classes start Friday September 23rd and run for twenty two weeks over two semesters; eleven weeks this side of December 25th and a further eleven weeks in the new year. Classes end with a celebratory and empowering art show. 
All supplies are included and there are no extra added  costs associated with this class - unless your student writes a long list of supplies for home use.
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