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Welcome to the Ninth Annual Student Art Show

We are so excited to celebrate every artist from kindergarten to grade twelve. Each one has worked hard on their skills and is super proud of the artwork they have chosen to share with you tonight!

Art Show Etiquette

So that everyone has a wonderful experience here are a few things you might like to know:

  • When taking photos please take a photo of your own student only - some parents do not wish to have their childs face shared on the inter-webs.

  • Please do not touch the art

  • Refrain from walking the aisles with drinks and snacks that could spill on the artwork.

  • Young guests are asked not to run underneath the display boards - it looks like fun but is quite dangerous.

  • Talk to the artists - they are eager to share their art stories with all our guests!



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Talking to the Artists

The young artists are looking forward to meeting you and taking about their work - don’t be shy!

Here are some good conversation starters 

How did you make this?

What is your favourite part of this artwork?

What was the hardest part?

Why did you (paint the background green/ draw this with wiggly lines..This one’s good for asking about any part of their work!

Or you can simply ask them what their favourite colour is or their favourite art medium!

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